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We hear from countless people like you who have found relief with Teeter – people who are eager to share their own success stories of their journey to a better back and a better body. Here are just a few of our satisfied users.



“I can see myself using the Teeter for the rest of my life and I know that I have invested in a really high quality machine”


“I have been using Inversion Therapy in the form of a cheaper inversion table since last January, a period of 8 months,  and my lower back problem has improved greatly as a result.  I have also found that I enjoy better, sounder sleep and that I have greater mental clarity. 

This is astounding but I greatly value these additional “side effects”.  The problem with using the cheaper unit which really bothered me was that my feet would start to go numb after a while because the ankle supports were not very comfortable.  Having become totally convinced about the benefits of Inversion Therapy and the wonderful “side effects” I was experiencing, I started to investigate changing over to the Teeter, the top of the line Inversion Table available in Australia. 

I am now really excited with my new Teeter because it allows for full inversion with ease, it is comfortable on the ankles, it is very finely balanced so that my arm positions determine where the table rotates  - to my preferred inversion position or back to starting position.  Furthermore, my feet no longer go to sleep or get pins and needles.  In addition, the Healthy Back Positions DVD with Dr Shawn was a really pleasant surprise and contains lots of great exercises to help restore and maintain a healthy back lifestyle. 

I can see absolutely no compromise anywhere in the quality in the way the table has been constructed or presented. With the other cheaper inversion table I had purchased earlier in the year, the instructions were very poor, actually un-useable because they were on a computer disc which would not open, the ankle supports became very uncomfortable after a while in my preferred inversion position and my feet “went to sleep”, I could not completely invert and the purpose of the swivel arm positions was a complete mystery to me.  The was no fine precision in the balancing or rotation angle by using  my arm positions, and I had to seriously pull myself up with the support arms on the frame of the unit to get back up to the disembarking position again after inversion.  The carabenas on the ends of the tether straps were weak and one of them broke on my first or second inversion.  I replaced it with one I purchased at a Rock Climbing shop. Even though the Teeter EP-950 was more expensive than the cheaper unit I had been using and it took some serious psychology for me to convince myself to buy it, I can see myself using the Teeter for the rest of my life and I know that I have invested in a really high quality machine.” 

- Peter Woolfe, Maths Teacher, Melbourne


“On my very first try-out I found relief from pain my hips, back and leg.”



Wow! What an awesome piece of therapeutic equipment. I found it easy to follow the well-presented instructions on the dvd and had it set-up in just a short time. On my very first try-out I found relief from pain my hips, back and leg. I even felt my troublesome right leg elongating as the pressure was reversed from normal standing position. It has made getting out of bed easier with no focus on the usual pain I have experienced over a long time. I have been using it for just a few minutes at a time two or three times a day and my previous discomforts do not occur. I can move much more freely in fact often I am not aware of any pain, stiffness in my joints and the feeling of my spine and lower back area being locked up is no longer present. All of those jobs that I have been avoiding can now be looked at with confidence knowing I can move more freely like I did years ago. I think it is one of the most valuable investments I have ever made. My thanks to the inventor. Before settling on the unit I did some online research and I am so glad I chose the Teeter EP - 970L Inversion Table. I could not be happier with the unit and the service from Ball Brands.



-Jeff Gibbons, South Australia, 72 Years



“...this Teeter table has got to be the best thing I have bought, it has given me back my movement freedom”



I have suffered with a bad back for several years now, back and forth to Chiropractors and Physios. Since purchasing a Teeter table, I have not had to visit either a Chiropractor or Physio.

I have had several occasions where I have been bent over, doubled up and in pain, I have crawled to the machine and lay on it for 20 minutes, the fascination for me is that I set it to approx. a 30degree tilt, (as advised by my doctor) and after about 11 - 12 minutes I could feel my back clicking as, in my mind, the vertebrae re-aligned themselves. On every occasion I have been able to get off the table and walk upright without pain, to the surprise of both my wife and myself.

Without doubt, this Teeter table has got to be the best thing I have bought, it has given me back my movement freedom. I have listened and read testimonials about various products and always wondered about the integrity of some of the statements.I bought this machine, after research, as my Doctor suggested that a (no brand) inversion table may be one of my last alternatives to try, having tried everything else. I offered this testimonial, only because this Teeter has changed my life, and I wanted to share that with anyone in the same predicament, with constant back issues. I know that it may not suit everybody, but give yourself a chance and at least give it a try.

 -Michael Duncan, Transport Manager,  Brisbane, Queensland


“I have found the teeter 970 inversion table to be the most effective treatment at home for back pain.”

“I have been treating back pain for 19 years, and have found Teeter inversion tables to be a quality, cost effective treatment for my patients to continue rehabilitation for their back pain at home.”  



-Dr Simon Armstrong, Osteopath


"I started to get my confidence back"

“I tried a couple of the cheaper eBay style inversion tables and found the ankle clamps quite uncomfortable. I was talking to a guy at my gym who had the Teeter and told me he didnt have that problem with his, so I asked if i could have a go and found that it was very comfortable on the ankles, and the contoured back was also a lot better than the fabric types.

As for my back, I was competing in strongman last year and prolapsed two discs in my back squatting, medically diagnosed by an MRI. I have been seeing a chiro and getting traction to relieve pressure on the discs and it has been working very well, he suggested the inversion table as an additional means to the traction. I am trying to avoid surgery.” 

- Daniel Wisniewski, Engineer, Melbourne


Q&A with Daniel 

What lead you to purchase a Teeter Table?

I have two bulged discs in my lower back T4 and T5 that I suffered whilst training for a strongman competition back in 2010. The bulged discs caised me to get sciatic pain in my left lef and glute which at times was quite chronic, causing me to walk with a limp. I chose the Teeter because I found it comfortable to use and it was rated and tested for bigger people, I weighed 117 kg when I got it, and the warranty was good.

Had you trialed other methods before using the Teeter to cure your pain?

I was seeing a chiropractor who was using traction on my lower back to relieve the symptoms he suggested that inversion would help to supplement the weekly traction sessions. One of my friends loaned me an inversion table to try which I found very awkward to use and painful on my ankles. I found a place in South Melbourne that had the Teeter Tables on display and went and tried one and found it incredibly easy to invert, and virtually no discomfort on my ankles.

When did you start to feel results?

I was using a combination of Traction, Inversion, and core strengthening exercises; so within a month the pain had subsided. I started to get my confidence back, I wasnt going to be crippled for life, and after a year I started to lift heavy in the gym again.

How would you describe the changes or benefits to your everyay life after using the Teeter?

I dont need to see my chiro regularly anymore, maybe once every six months. As soon as I feel any tightness or a twinge in my lower back I start using the Teeter straight away and usually after a couple of days of use the pain is gone. You need to appreciate that whilst I no longer compete I still smash my body in the gym I can still squat over 200kg so the Teeter forms part of my recovery from big leg sessions. I haven’t had a major episode in my lower back for at least eighteen months so I think the Teeter has more than paid for itself.

How often do you use your Teeter Table?

It depends on how much my back feels, generally at least once a week just to stretch everything out but if my spine is feeling compressed; then daily to twice daily.

Would you recommend the Teeter to others?

Always do, I’m constantly getting guys from my gym to give it a go and see what they think.