• Power VI Inversion Table
    Power VI Inversion Table Power VI Inversion Table Power VI Inversion Table

Power VI Inversion Table

  • $3,500.00

Inversion can help people attain a well-balanced workout, one that keeps them toned, fit and flexible. By regularly utilizing the Power VI™ Inversion Table, users may:

  • Increase flexibility and range of movement
  • Enhance alignment and balance
  • Reduce stress on the body after a workout
  • Encourage muscle development
  • Build core muscle groups
  • Achieve functional fitness - a state of flexibility, strength and balance that supports youthful movement and activity.

Effective results

Stretching with the Power VI maximizes effectiveness because it utilizes the user's body weight as well as eliminates any compression. The resulting traction loosens muscles and encourages rejuvenation in the soft tissue of the weight bearing joints, including the discs between the vertebrae. Users may also find that inversion relieves or reduces back pain.

Range of intensity

The user can relax on the Power VI and receive passive benefits, or can follow the exercises and stretches listed on the ABS plates and wall-poster to train the core muscles for improved strength and stability.

Practical interface

Similar to the benefits of Yoga or Pilates, inversion can help improve flexibility, build core muscles, and relax and reduced stress. However, the simplicity of use makes the Power VI approachable and appealing to a larger audience.

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