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    Lumbar Bridge Lumbar Bridge Lumbar Bridge Lumbar Bridge

Lumbar Bridge

  • $29.99

A Better Lower Back Stretch

Targeted Decompression – Place the Lumbar Bridge in the small of your back just above your hips to add a point of support while inverted that helps to focus and add decompression for the lower back.

Variable Arch – Adjustable from a subtle, supportive curve to a more dramatic arch, depending on your desired effect.

Adjustable Position – The tracks in the bed allow you to adjust the placement of the bridge higher or lower on the bed to fit your body’s curve.


Flexible & Supportive – The plastic injection molding enhances body slide for deeper decompression and resists wear and tear.

Easy Attachment – Simply insert the upper and lower tabs into the bed grooves in the desired location.

Customized Relief – The tracks in the Lumbar Bridge are made to fit Acupressure Nodes for added pressure-point therapy.


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